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Mhlanga Publications

Janine Scholefield, Ricardo Henriques, Anca F Savulescu, Elisabeth Fontan, Alix Boucharlat, Emmanuel Laplantine, Asma Smahi, Alain Israel, Fabrice Agou & Musa M. Mhlanga (2016) Super-resolution microscopy reveals a preformed NEMO lattice structure that is collapsed in incontinentia pigmenti.
  1. ET Fok, CB Penny, MM Mhlanga, MS Weinberg.  Multiplexed CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing increases the efficacy of homologous-dependent repair of donor sequences in mammalian cells.South African Journal of Science 111 (7-8), 1-7 (2015)
  2. L Lemgruber, C Sant’Anna, C Griffths, Y Abud, M Mhlanga, R Wallich, ...  Nanoscopic localization of surface-exposed antigens of Borrelia burgdorferi. Microscopy and Microanalysis 21 (03), 680-688 (2015)
  3. S Barichievy, J Naidoo, MM Mhlanga.  Non-coding RNAs and HIV: viral manipulation of host dark matter to shape the cellular environment.  Frontiers in genetics 6 (2015)

Tarantino Nadine, Tinevez Jean-Yves, Crowell Elizabeth Faris, Boisson Bertrand, Henriques Ricardo, Mhlanga Musa, Agou Fabrice, Israël Alain, Laplantine Emmanuel, (2014) TNF and IL-1 exhibit distinct ubiquitin requirements for inducing NEMO-IKK supra-molecular structures. Journal of Cell Biology 204 (2) 231-245.

Fanucchi Stephanie, Shibayama Youtaro, Burd Shaun, Weinberg Marc S, Mhlanga Musa M. (2013) Chromosomal contact permits transcription between co-regulated genes. Cell 155 (3) 606-620.

Meliopoulios VA, Andersen LE, Birrer KF, Simpson KJ, Lowenthal JW, Bean AG, Stambas J, Steward CR, Tompkins SM, van Beusechem VW, Fraser I, Mhlanga M, Barichievy S, Smitgh Q, Leake D, Karpilow J, Buck A, Jona G, Tripp RA. (2012) Host gene targets for novel influenza therapies elucidated by high-throughput RNA interference screens. FASEB (4):1372-86.

Henriques R., Griffiths C., Rego E. H. and Mhlanga M.M. (2011) PALM and STORM: unlocking live-cell super-resolution. Biopolymers 95(5):322-31.

Henriques R., Lelek M., Fornasiero E. F., Valtorta F., Zimmer C., Mhlanga M.M. (2010) QuickPALM: 3D real- time photoactivation nanoscopy image processing in ImageJ. Nature Methods 7(5):339-40.