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Mhlanga people

  • Staff

    Executive Assistant to Professor Musa Mhlanga
    Tel: 021-650 1638
    Cell: 073-460 7467
    Janine SCHOLEFIELD (scientist CSIR) 
    Project Title: Cellular modelling of disease.
    Dr Stephanie FANUCCHI (scientist CSIR)
    Gene Expression & Biophysics Group 
    Project Title: Deciphering the role of epigenetics in immune gene regulation
    Tel: 012-841 3346
  • Students-MSc

  • Students-PhD

    Ezio FOK (UCT-PhD)
    Project Title: Tracking the dynamics of chromosal confirmation in live cells
    Tel: 012-841 3346 -
    Loretta MAGAGULA (UCT-PhD)
    Project Title: The chromatin landscape of primary cancer cells
    Tel: 012-841 3346
    Jerolen NAIDOO (UCT-PhD)
    Project Title : High content phenotypic screening, miRNAs, drug discovery, RNAi, cancer biology, host-pathogen interactions
    Tel: 012-840 4507


  • Students-Post Docs

    Anca SAVULESCU (CSIR-post doc) Project Title: Identification and characterization of proteins implicated in translational regulation of long-range transported mRNAs. 
    Cell: 073-416 9275
    Yutaka Negishi
    Project Title: Transcriptional regulation in host-pathogen interactions
    Laurianne Davignon
    Project Title: Bringing precision medicine to cancer therapy in South Africa