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Barth Collaborations

Name & Institution

Research Area



Dr. Klaus Pors,
University of Bradford, UK

Recombinant antibody drug conjugates

Dr. Mehmet K. Tur,
UKGM Giessen, Germany

Selection of antibodies on human cells/tissue

Dr. Peter Durcan
Afrobodies, South Africa

Novel recombinant antibodies

Prof. Andreas Maurer
University of Tübingen, Germany

Recombinant radiobiopharmaceuticals

Prof. Matthias Peipp,
Prof. Dirk Bauerschlag

University of Kiel, Germany

Therapeutically active fusion proteins

Prof. Wijnand Helfrich,
UMCG Groningen, Netherlands

SNAP tag based antibody fusion proteins for radioimaging

Prof. Paolo Carloni,
FZ Jülich, Germany

Simulation of dynamic protein interactions

South Africa


Prof. Dirk Lang
UCT, Cape Town

Immunofluorescence Imaging

Prof. Frank Brombacher
UCT, Cape Town

Biological activity of immunotherapeutic agents in preclinical disease models

Prof. Roger Hunter
UCT, Cape Town

Synthetic BG-modified SNAP substrates

Dr. Ramona Hurdayal
UCT, Cape Town

Leishmania mouse models

Prof. Komala Pillay
UCT, Cape Town

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